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Tritonal's "Piercing The Quiet" Extended Mixes Out April 9

Tritonal's "Piercing The Quiet" Extended Mixes Out April 9, Pre-orders Available Now on iTunes

Written by Erin Osovets // March 30, 2012 // Press Release // Tritonal

MARCH 30, 2012--Since the unstoppable Tritonal released their debut artist album "Piercing the Quiet" in May 2011, it's produced eight top 20 Beatport trance singles, including four that held the #1 position. Now the duo consisting of Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed are set to release "Piercing The Quiet – The Extended Mixes" on April 9 and fans will finally be able to get their hands on the full-length versions of each track from this critically acclaimed LP.

'Piercing The Quiet' was the culmination of two years of intense studio work, a period that saw Tritonal push every angle of their inimitable sound to the next level. Opening with the film-score stylings of 'Poem of Angels', the album ranges out across 15 tracks, taking in the full realm of trance music's sub-genres. With songwriting being a key asset of their partnership, Tritonal teamed up with long-term vocal muse, Cristina Soto to craft four magnificent tracks. Included among them are the beautiful down-tempo 'Everafter' and 'Still With Me', as well as a stunning update to their breakout record 'Piercing Quiet'.

Further collaborations see Winter Kill's singer Meredith Call on the gorgeous 'Broken Down'; U.S. songstress Fisher add lyrics and vox to the upbeat 'Slave; and relative newcomers Jeza, Bethany and Jenry R. all provide outstanding vocal performances. The album is completed with peak-time, main-room floor-stormers, 'Ziziki', 'Retake' and 'Murakami' which continue to rip roofs off nightclubs and uproot festival tent-pegs.

With their 7-days-a-week approach to trance music, Tritonal have released an incredible 100+ original productions and remixes, toured around the globe playing major clubs and festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival and Creamfields and have firmly cemented their position as America's foremost trance DJ duo.

"Piercing The Quiet – The Extended Mixes" will be released on April 9 2012, with the much-anticipated Remixed Album landing this summer worldwide. Preorders are available now on iTunes.

1 Poem of Angels View In iTunes
2 Can't Keep It In (Extended Original Mix) [feat. Jeza] View In iTunes
3 Ziziki (Extended Original Mix) View In iTunes
4 Broken Down (Extended Original Mix) [feat. Meredith Call] View In iTunes
5 Retake (Extended Original Mix) View In iTunes
6 Piercing Quiet (Extended Original Mix) [feat. Cristina Soto] View In iTunes
7 Sometimes I Wish (Extended Original Mix) [feat. Bethany] View In iTunes
8 Something New (Extended Original Mix) [feat. Jenry R] View In iTunes
9 Everafter (Extended Original Mix) [feat. Cristina Soto] View In iTunes
10 I Can Breathe (Extended Original Mix) [feat. Jeza] View In iTunes
11 Lifted (Extended Original Mix) [feat. Cristina Soto] View In iTunes
12 Murakami (Extended Original Mix) View In iTunes
13 Slave (Extended Original Mix) [feat. Fisher] View In iTunes
14 Shapes Revolve (Extended Original Mix) View In iTunes
15 Still With Me [feat. Cristina Soto] View In iTunes

For more information on Tritonal, visit their:


To request an interview, please contact Erin Osovets at

Kyau & Albert Interview

In the world of Electronic Dance Music, there are 2 magic words, that fill dance floors, top charts and win awards... want to know what they are? 

simple...KYAU & ALBERT!!! 
Tell us a bit about how you guys got together, and started making the music that's been getting crowds excited for more than 15 years?

Ralph Kyau: We met in 1994 as teenagers, introduced by a friend we both knew. 

Steven Albert: I heard that Ralph was working with synthesizers and I also did music on a computer. After meeting a few times we founded a 2-man-band and two years later we released the first Kyau & Albert record.
In the last 15 years, the sound of melodic dance music, has changed quite a bit, from innovations in both hardware and software to the merging of various sub-genres... including an evolution from Kyau vs. Albert to Kyau & Albert, what brought on this change?

A:Steven Albert: In 2006 we changed from Kyau vs. Albert to easier form Kyau & Albert. In many non-english speaking countries, we were asked again and again what versus means or questions like...why do you choose versus. Are you always fighting? 

Ralph Kyau: When we started our band, we were simply choosing the versus, cos it just looked good and fresh for us. With the single 'Are You Fine?' we changed to Kyau & Albert. But it's interesting how many people still know about the versus. 

You have an amazing trademark sound, that has managed to stay fresh and change with the times, what is your production process? and has it changed at all through the years?

Steven Albert: We like to experiement and also love try new things out.

Ralph Kyau: In general we do a ton of demos and rough ideas. Then we pick out the best ones and produce proper tracks. We often play these demos to friends to get a feedback.

Your label Euphonic, is home to some of Dance Music's biggest breakthrough artists, including incredible acts like Ronski Speed, Stoneface & Terminal and Mirco De Govia. How do you decide what's right for the label?

Ralph Kyau: It depends on if we have a release slot and of course if we simply like the track.Honestly a lot of demos we get are not very unique, some are simply horrible.
Another major part of Euphonic, is the collaboration with Anjunabeats, how did this come about?

Steven Albert: We know the guys since 2002 or so. In the vinyl days we swapped releases, which meant Above & Beyond singles on Euphonic for the German market and Kyau & Albert on Anjunabeats. So we released their 'Tri-State' album in Germany and they did our 'Worldvibe' CD in the UK plus exports. We're always in contact with someone from Anjunbeats office.

You're about to release the "15 years of Kyau & Albert" album, a collection of some of your biggest hits, remixed by some great acts including Arty, Ronski Speed,Sun Jellie and Tritonal, how did you decide who would be included on the album, was there something specific about each remixer that stood out for you about them, in the context of each song?

Ralph Kyau: We contacted the remixers and told about the 15 years project. They had quite free hand in picking the songs they wanted to remix.

Steven Albert: The whole project took a lot of time. It was over a year from the first idea till holding the CD in our hands, but it was worth it and the sales are great.

The album also includes some new original material, What are the chances of seeing a new Kyau & Albert artist album any time soon?

Ralph Kyau: Yeah, we also put new tracks like 'A Night Like This' and 'On The Way' to the album, cos they were big hits in 2011. Additionally we created one brand new track called 'This Love'.

Steven Albert: There's definitively coming a new artist album, we hope in the next 10-12 months. Already working on it.

What don't we know about Kyau & Albert? any hidden talents or hobbies?

Steven Albert: Possibly no real hidden talent, but we love beer alot and tried so many out in the almost 50 countries we already travlled to.

Ralph Kyau: We also brew our own a few times a year. It's big fun! I have a few hop plants in my garden too.
What's playing on your IPOD/Mp3 player/Car Radio at the moment?

Ralph Kyau: We're listening to a lot of music, mostly EDM. I sometims listen to classical music. I love to cross the channels on my car radio.

Steven Albert: As we get a lot of promos and demos, I sometimes just enjoy silence, for example when spending time in my garden or while making sports.

What can we expect from Kyau & Albert in the near and distant future?

Steven Albert: We just finished a remix for our Euphonic label mate Ronski Speed and tnext days also a collab with Marc Marberg. Both get promoted in the next few weeks.

Ralph Kyau: Also check out our collab with Paul van Dyk, which gets released on Paul's label Vandit soon.

Check out some amazing new work from the amazing duo!

Get signed album CDs directly from the Euphonic headquarters:

JÄGERMEISTER Presents: GTRONIC (Belgium) LIVE in South Africa

JÄGERMEISTER Presents:GTRONIC (Belgium) LIVE in South Africa
Brought To You By GRIET

With releases out on DIM MAK, Electroluv, UTLRA and Tuff em UP Records, GTRONIC is one of the leading producers in the Electro Dance genre - his single hit release SUCKERPUNCH out on DIM MAK records has become an anthem to the scene, a must have in any bass driven DJ set. GTRONIC boasts a number of original tracks, including the legendary Iron Man and DANCE MACHINE, along with a number of hard hitting remixes for acts such as Cyberpunkers, Designer Drugs, Dj Antention, The Subs and Mustard Pimp. The success of his production career has provided GTRONIC with a global cult following, earning him devotees on every continent. He is seen to be the king of “Heavy Bass Trash” a style of production sweeping across the club scene world wide.

Joining GTRONIC on this line up is SA's best known electro DJ/Producer HAEZER who has recently returned from his triple tour to Europe, Australia and Thailand. HAEZER will be doing a versus set with Joburg based VJ/DJ duo DOUBLE ADAPTER (who leave the next day for their German Tour), a performance that stole the show at the 2011 GRIETFEST, so for the first time in Cape Town, GRIET will be bringing you this legendary, seldom to be seen HAEZER vs DOUBLE ADAPTER set. 

And to completely K.O this line up, we are more than proud to present, the latest member of the GRIET family - SIBOT. This artist needs no introduction; he is best known for his outstanding live production performances, slamming dance beats and a technical versatility that is unmatched.

What to Expect:

- Big Sound!!!
- Massive lighting!!!
- Lazers!!!
- Fast Bars!!!
- Griet Merch!!!
- Good Vibrations!!!


Online tickets launch Monday 26 March and will be sold on Webtickets.
• R60 online from Monday 26 March until Monday 2 April
• R80 online from Tuesday 3 April 
• Tickets also available at the door on the night for R80

The Alexander Theatre - Johannesburg
5 April 2012 - 20h00






Hotbox Express

There will be a Hotbox Express Party bus going from Pretoria to Joburg - Details Launching soon!

The Assembly - Cape Town
6 April 2012 - 21h00




This event is proudly sponsored by JÄGERMEISTER.

For more information on the JHB Event, please contact

For more information on the Cape Town Event, please contact

Join the events on Facebook:



Tritonal Interview

Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed have become a formidable team among the EDM faithful, through their incredible work as TRITONAL

A name that has become synonymous with the cutting edge of Electronic Dance Music

Q:Tell us a bit more about the name, what it means, and how you came up with it?

A:Hi guys, cheers for having us. :) Just awoke in Sweden after a massive weekend of touring. Tritonal is derived from "Tritone" which is a specific interval or chord in music. It has a very unique quality, and the word Tritonal is an actual explosive, 80% of which is TNT. We liked the idea of an explosive musical quality.

Q: The term “hit after hit” is something that’s been thrown around by various people in the music industry, without much thought, but in your case… this actually seems to be a tried and tested formula, achieving great success time after time… how do you keep releasing music at the pace you do, and still make sure it’s of such a high quality?
A:Thanks for the compliment, love hearing amazing reactions!! There's no magic secret to be honest, just a couple of guys who wake up every day and work hard. We've taken a 6-day-a-week, full time approach to producing and have worked very hard to finish the amount of tunes we have. It's hard work, consistency and a dedication to quality.
Q: You have a long standing collaborative effort, with the amazing Cristina Soto, a vocalist who’s unique voice has meant a great deal to the Tritonal sound, tell us a bit about how you guys met up with Cristina, and for that matter how the meeting between “Chad & Dave” came about?

A:Loaded question, eh?! Ha. Well Dave and I met online through a Virus TI online forum discussing production & sound design. We became friends there first and established a production partnership. Cristina was introduced to me before I met Dave through a friend, and she had a very unique sound and characteristic to her voice. Once Dave and I started Tritonal, the 3 of us really hit it off and a sorta instant synergy emerged.

Q: Over the years a lot of DJ’s and Producers have had aliases or pseudonyms that show a different side to the artist… and while it’s not a pseudonym, you guys almost always accompany your original mixes, with a slightly more aggressive “Air up there” remix, which coincidentally is the name of your label, tell us a bit more about both the more aggressive side of Tritonal as well as the label, and what the ultimate goal is for Tritonal?

A:Well, Air Up There represents melodic emotion, which should leave the listener feeling effervescent. Regardless of how aggressive or tough our beats are, they are always based upon a catchy, fun and usually uplifting chord progression, melody or vocal hook. We originally were using our Air Up There Remixes to represent the uplifting side of Tritonal. Being as our sound has become much techier, clubbier and focused on massive bass grooves and wicked percussion - almost all of the latest remixes from Piercing The Quiet are 'Club Mixes' built for our DJ sets. Our ultimate goal is to make massive hits, there's no secret about that. We produce the types of tracks that we feel will rock a floor or festival and center those big beats around solid melodies. 

Q: Dance music has seen it’s fair share of phases, both underground and commercial, and Dance music today is bigger than it’s ever been… where do you see Dance music, and in particular Trance, going from here on?

A;It's going as you just said, commercial. Don't think it's ever had a "phase" like this historically, nor do I agree that it's a phase. EDM is quickly becoming a mainstream established genre, and like Hip Hop did in the early 90's, EDM is doing now. It's here to stay. Hip Hop, Rap, RnB, and Pop music have adopted EDM as the new king pin of style in the US, and it's evident from guys like LMFAO, Skrillex, Guetta, Afrokack and more. North America is exploding in EDM and we LOVE IT!! All of the old stigmas are being shed, styles are cross pollinating and the game is changing. The USA is taking over the Globe as the absolute best place to play, and we've seen this evidence from touring. The venues are amazing, the fees paid are generally larger, and the festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival are rivaled by no one. Trance has been and continues to borrow styles from electro, house and techno. It's evolving at rate faster then ever and it's a great time to be unique and creative. We've always tried to continue to be creative, unique and different and will continue to. Trance isn't going anywhere, but the old days and old sound are behind us. 138bpm slamming uplifting trance is dated, and doesn't work well in the US. Trance is changing and we think it's healthy and love it - we're changing too :)

Q: “Chad & Dave” sounds like it could be a great name for among other things, a Restaurant or even a hair salon, have you guys ever considered going into a different game? Any hidden talents or hobbies?

A;Haha!! Well, I've got quite decent skills playing Basketball and did in High School. Not able to play as much as I'd like these days. Dave is pretty kick ass at video editing. We'd love to open a Production school at some point down the line, and are both keen on film scoring as well. :)

Q: From it’s earliest days Dance music had it’s roots in American cities, like Chicago, New York and Miami… but no one would have imagined that one of it’s biggest names would come out of a state better known for Cowboy boots, Country music and Ten Gallon hats… how did dance music cross your path?

A;I learned about dance music early on from underground raves, which were massive in Texas. Guys like Josh Wink, Chemical Brothers and more were bringing a sound never heard before early on. Fell in love with it, and have pursued it passionately since. 

Q: What’s playing on your IPOD/MP3 Player/Car Radio right now

A;Adele - She's friggin smashing it!! Coldplay's new Mylo Xyloto as well, we're both avid Coldplay fans!!

Q: What or who are your biggest influences musically as well as in your lives in general?

A;Chad EDM wise it's - Sasha, Oakenfold & Sander Kleinenberg early on, but later Gareth Emery, Andy Moor and Kyau & Albert.

Q;10: What can we expect from TRITONAL in the near and distant future?

A;Lots of releases and touring in 2012!! ASOT 550 in Den Bosch & Ultra Music Festival, Creamfields 2012 Tour, Tomorrowland in Belgium and many more. Piercing The Quiet (Extended, Club & Remixes) are all set to release in 2012 and we've been little worker ants in the studio and have so many new things to share. :)

Matt Lange Interview

Matt Lange is a name that without fail, is associated with some of the most intricate production I have ever heard, so much so, that the original master of detail (Brian Transeau aka BT). Got you involved on what is arguably his best work.

Q:How did the meeting with BT come about?
A:That connection came out of Berklee College of Music, where I went to college. BT has been mentored by Dr. Richard Boulanger for a number of years now, and Dr. B was my faculty advisor during my senior thesis. Shortly after I graduated, BT was looking for a new engineer to come work for him, and Dr. B recommended me.

Q: Have you ever been confused with legendary pop/rock producer " Mutt Lange" ?
A:Maybe once or twice, but it’s pretty rare actually. I’m frequently mixed up with a certain trance producer, however. It used to be annoying, now he and I joke about it on Twitter.

Q:Apart from being an extraordinary EDM producer, you have also been in a boys' choir and played lead guitar in a metal band, which comes through to a certain degree in some of your work, including your beautiful Avalon/Griffith Park EP which features an amazing fusion of organic elements and electronica. Is this something you purposefully do, or does it come by chance?
A:It’s absolutely on purpose. I grew up performing music, playing instruments, learning music theory. Consequently, I connect far more with acoustic instruments and sounds, than I do with synthesizers. I actually get very bored by the more traditional synthesizer type sounds. I write nearly everything on either guitar or sometimes piano. I think it’s so important to learn to play an instrument, especially now when the human element is so easily lost in these days of technology being able to do everything for you. Dave Grohl seemed to get a lot of flack for what he said at the Grammys about music not being about perfection or all the capabilities within a computer. As indebted as I am to modern technology, I agree with that 100%. A computer will never write something soulful. If music doesn’t stimulate a reaction in the heart, or in the head, then what’s the point?
Q: Dance music has become bigger than it's ever been, producing at least 2 sides to the scene. An extremely commercial side (a necessary evil to quote a DJ I recently interviewed) as well as a much more underground scene, really putting some effort into what they do, be it on the production side of things or as a live act... don't get me wrong, there are some commercial with great live acts as well. What do you think the future of Dance music is? A greater fusion of genres? Starting again from the roots? An Apocalypse?
A:Yeah I think we’ll see a lot more fusion in the next year or so. I think it’s awesome that the mainstream has gotten more interested in the electronic music world. I can say first hand that because of artists like Skrillex and Deadmau5 hitting the mainstream that I’ve personally been given opportunities that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. I don’t really think it’s a “necessary evil,” so to speak, I think it’s wonderful.
Q: Your latest collaboration with Andrew Bayer and Kerry Leva, "In & Out of Phase" is an incredible piece of music, crossing genres effortlessly and almost telling a story, if that makes sense? As someone with an incredibly creative mind, how easy is it for you to collaborate with another artist's creative ideas, and make them work together?
A:Thanks! I’m very very picky when it comes to choosing my collaborations, and I tend to only collaborate with either my friends or other artists I look up or am inspired by (none of which are mutually exclusive by any means!) Andrew and I had been planning on doing something together for a few years, and it just had never materialized until last year. Kerry and I have done a ton of collaborations, and it’s always been very easy for us to get in a studio and hammer out ideas quite fluently. This was a really easy collab in the sense that we all knew each other very well, there wasn’t really any push and pull, we all shared a similar vision of what we wanted the piece to be, and it was just a matter of executing it in a manner that everyone was happy with.
Q:Anyone you would love to work with in future?
A:Imogen Heap, because I love her. Maynard James Keenan, as he’s my favorite singer and lyricist. Animals As Leaders/Tosin Abasi, because they just absolutely inspire me. Noisia because they kick so much ass.
Q:What is your process when it comes to making music, any specific software or hardware that you never leave home without, just in case a great idea comes along?
A: Well my hardware’s quite heavy, so it would be pretty hard to take with me! I have a hard time writing when I’m traveling, I much prefer to be in a studio, locked away from outside distractions. That said, I always bring a field recorder and a microphone with me as you never know when you hear that one random sound that you may never hear again, and if you can capture it, all the better.
Q:You obviously have quite a wide taste in music, what are your top5 favorite acts of all time? be it a band, DJ, Solo Artist, Singer or Songwriter?
A: That’s a really tough one, but off the top of my head, and not necessarily completely accurate... Tool, Telefon Tel Aviv, Steve Reich, Burial, Opeth.
Q:What don't we know about Matt Lange, Any Hidden Talents or Hobbies?
A:My life’s pretty public these days, so I wouldn’t say anything is too hidden! I spend the majority of my free time when I’m home practicing guitar, coercing myself to go to the gym, and hanging out with my dog. I also watch a lot of movies and I love buying seasons of tv shows on dvd so that I can go start to finish through then entire thing without having to wait week after week! Current favorites are Damages and The Shield.
Q:What can we expect from Matt Lange in the near and distant future?
A:There’s a lot going on that I can’t talk about just yet, but I can say a number of cool collaborations are coming. In & Out of Phase comes out this week with some absolutely killer remixes, one of them notably from drum and bass legends Calyx & Teebee. They’ve been huge influences of mine for years, and I’m so honored they agreed to remix it! I’ll also be rereleasing an album called “The Answer To The Question You Forgot To Ask,” on IsoRhythm in March. I wrote it between 2006-2007, and it’s more along the downtempo, glitchy idm style I was writing at that time. I finally have the rights back from the label that originally released it in 08, and I’m very pleased to be able to give it a second life, along with a couple unreleased tracks as well that weren’t on the original release.


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