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Tritonal Interview

Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed have become a formidable team among the EDM faithful, through their incredible work as TRITONAL

A name that has become synonymous with the cutting edge of Electronic Dance Music

Q:Tell us a bit more about the name, what it means, and how you came up with it?

A:Hi guys, cheers for having us. :) Just awoke in Sweden after a massive weekend of touring. Tritonal is derived from "Tritone" which is a specific interval or chord in music. It has a very unique quality, and the word Tritonal is an actual explosive, 80% of which is TNT. We liked the idea of an explosive musical quality.

Q: The term “hit after hit” is something that’s been thrown around by various people in the music industry, without much thought, but in your case… this actually seems to be a tried and tested formula, achieving great success time after time… how do you keep releasing music at the pace you do, and still make sure it’s of such a high quality?
A:Thanks for the compliment, love hearing amazing reactions!! There's no magic secret to be honest, just a couple of guys who wake up every day and work hard. We've taken a 6-day-a-week, full time approach to producing and have worked very hard to finish the amount of tunes we have. It's hard work, consistency and a dedication to quality.
Q: You have a long standing collaborative effort, with the amazing Cristina Soto, a vocalist who’s unique voice has meant a great deal to the Tritonal sound, tell us a bit about how you guys met up with Cristina, and for that matter how the meeting between “Chad & Dave” came about?

A:Loaded question, eh?! Ha. Well Dave and I met online through a Virus TI online forum discussing production & sound design. We became friends there first and established a production partnership. Cristina was introduced to me before I met Dave through a friend, and she had a very unique sound and characteristic to her voice. Once Dave and I started Tritonal, the 3 of us really hit it off and a sorta instant synergy emerged.

Q: Over the years a lot of DJ’s and Producers have had aliases or pseudonyms that show a different side to the artist… and while it’s not a pseudonym, you guys almost always accompany your original mixes, with a slightly more aggressive “Air up there” remix, which coincidentally is the name of your label, tell us a bit more about both the more aggressive side of Tritonal as well as the label, and what the ultimate goal is for Tritonal?

A:Well, Air Up There represents melodic emotion, which should leave the listener feeling effervescent. Regardless of how aggressive or tough our beats are, they are always based upon a catchy, fun and usually uplifting chord progression, melody or vocal hook. We originally were using our Air Up There Remixes to represent the uplifting side of Tritonal. Being as our sound has become much techier, clubbier and focused on massive bass grooves and wicked percussion - almost all of the latest remixes from Piercing The Quiet are 'Club Mixes' built for our DJ sets. Our ultimate goal is to make massive hits, there's no secret about that. We produce the types of tracks that we feel will rock a floor or festival and center those big beats around solid melodies. 

Q: Dance music has seen it’s fair share of phases, both underground and commercial, and Dance music today is bigger than it’s ever been… where do you see Dance music, and in particular Trance, going from here on?

A;It's going as you just said, commercial. Don't think it's ever had a "phase" like this historically, nor do I agree that it's a phase. EDM is quickly becoming a mainstream established genre, and like Hip Hop did in the early 90's, EDM is doing now. It's here to stay. Hip Hop, Rap, RnB, and Pop music have adopted EDM as the new king pin of style in the US, and it's evident from guys like LMFAO, Skrillex, Guetta, Afrokack and more. North America is exploding in EDM and we LOVE IT!! All of the old stigmas are being shed, styles are cross pollinating and the game is changing. The USA is taking over the Globe as the absolute best place to play, and we've seen this evidence from touring. The venues are amazing, the fees paid are generally larger, and the festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival are rivaled by no one. Trance has been and continues to borrow styles from electro, house and techno. It's evolving at rate faster then ever and it's a great time to be unique and creative. We've always tried to continue to be creative, unique and different and will continue to. Trance isn't going anywhere, but the old days and old sound are behind us. 138bpm slamming uplifting trance is dated, and doesn't work well in the US. Trance is changing and we think it's healthy and love it - we're changing too :)

Q: “Chad & Dave” sounds like it could be a great name for among other things, a Restaurant or even a hair salon, have you guys ever considered going into a different game? Any hidden talents or hobbies?

A;Haha!! Well, I've got quite decent skills playing Basketball and did in High School. Not able to play as much as I'd like these days. Dave is pretty kick ass at video editing. We'd love to open a Production school at some point down the line, and are both keen on film scoring as well. :)

Q: From it’s earliest days Dance music had it’s roots in American cities, like Chicago, New York and Miami… but no one would have imagined that one of it’s biggest names would come out of a state better known for Cowboy boots, Country music and Ten Gallon hats… how did dance music cross your path?

A;I learned about dance music early on from underground raves, which were massive in Texas. Guys like Josh Wink, Chemical Brothers and more were bringing a sound never heard before early on. Fell in love with it, and have pursued it passionately since. 

Q: What’s playing on your IPOD/MP3 Player/Car Radio right now

A;Adele - She's friggin smashing it!! Coldplay's new Mylo Xyloto as well, we're both avid Coldplay fans!!

Q: What or who are your biggest influences musically as well as in your lives in general?

A;Chad EDM wise it's - Sasha, Oakenfold & Sander Kleinenberg early on, but later Gareth Emery, Andy Moor and Kyau & Albert.

Q;10: What can we expect from TRITONAL in the near and distant future?

A;Lots of releases and touring in 2012!! ASOT 550 in Den Bosch & Ultra Music Festival, Creamfields 2012 Tour, Tomorrowland in Belgium and many more. Piercing The Quiet (Extended, Club & Remixes) are all set to release in 2012 and we've been little worker ants in the studio and have so many new things to share. :)


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