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Tania Zygar Interview

We Chat To the lovely Tania Zygar about Starting her singing career on Fischer Price Toys, Baking Pastries and chances of a full length Artist Album.

 So give us a brief history of Tania Zygar, some info on who you were
before some of the world’s biggest DJs decided that you were the vocalist
they wanted to collaborate with? How did you choose EDM vs. other genres
of music?

I grew up in Europe for part of my childhood and music was always part of
who I was. I was only singing on my Fisher Price karaoke toy and bugging
my parents while I was banging on the keyboard! As far as getting into
EDM, I was doing a lot of writing and playing acoustic guitar when a
friend randomly approached me about doing an EDM-style track. It was a
great experience being able to explore other genres aside from what I had
been accustomed to. I’m constantly seeking to evolve my sound, and EDM has
given me that opportunity to experiment within my sound.

Your vocals have found their way into some of the worlds biggest DJs,
playlists, anyone you would love to work with in future?

I’ve been blessed to work with so many great artists at such an early
point in my career, but if I could choose anyone, I’d definitely love to
work with Wolfgang Gartner, Swedish House Mafia, Martin Solveig and Armin
(that’s a given! haha!)

Every now and then you'll find, a new vocal seems to be the trending
topic among DJs and producers, people like Jan Johnston, Justine Suissa,
Jes, Kirsty Hawkshaw and Tiff Lacey have all had a chance to be the new
girl on the block, and now are established names among the EDM community.
Do you look up to any of them, or is there a specific singer you find
absolutely incredible?

Sarah Howells has a beautiful voice, and Jaren does some amazing writing,
so if I had to pick it would be those two. I also like Fisher's tone of
voice--it's very soothing.

To my surprise I’ve recently realized that Canada has quite a few famous
names when it comes to EDM, people like Arnej, Lazy Rich and Deadmau5 have
all made a huge impact on the world of dance music, how would you compare
the Canadian scene to places like Europe and the USA?

I think some parts of Canada are still conservative when it comes to
listening to newer EDM styles. Other parts, like Toronto & Vancouver are
bursting with talent. I was in Vancouver with tyDi last year, and I was
amazed at how many fans came out to support him. I’m actually moving out
of Ottawa to Toronto, where there are more opportunities to further
advance my career in music.

 Is there a country or event that you have performed at that has
specifically made an impact on you since being part of the EDM community,
and is there a place you would really love to perform in future?

Definitely! One of my favorite performances was this past May, where I
opened up and introduced Armin Van Buuren for thousands of people at a
festival right outside of Montreal. It was very moving to see the crowd
singing back the lyrics that I wrote! The support was amazing--I even got
to autograph my first man-boob! haha! As far as future performances, I
love to travel, but ultimately, I’d love to be able to perform during the
annual Winter Music Conference in Miami! I definitely think that would be
an experience to perform in front of that many fans and peers.

What inspires your lyrics... Is there a certain process you go through?

Some of my best writing usually will come to me very quickly. Intense or
dramatic moments in my life always inspire me to write something that
everyone can relate to. I use my writing as a therapy tool. Once I have
completed a project, I feel like there is closure with the subject at

 What do you like to do when you're not writing or singing? Any hidden

Ask my boyfriend, Simon! ha ha, just kidding. I hope my mom doesn’t read
this and interpret it the wrong way! No, seriously, I enjoy baking
pastries. I love getting back to my French roots and exploring the
culinary arts. There’s nothing more enjoyable (other than music) than
seeing my loved ones enjoy my cooking!

A huge player in EDM at the moment, is the super talented young
how did the collaboration with him come about?

Will Holland from Enhanced Recordings approached me about working with
Arty. After I heard the track, I knew I had to jump on it. I am so excited
about it being officially released! I am very proud of the acoustic
version that I produced which is featured on the EP. It is due for release
very soon! I did the acoustic version in one take, and I think it really
shows a different perspective of my vocal capability, which I am very
excited to show everyone.

What are you listening to right now? Any favourites on your ipod/mp3
player or Car Radio?

Lots of Ellie Goudling, Lights, Imogen Heap, and Metric and ADELE. Those
are my big main influences.

What can we expect from Tania Zygar in the near and distant future?

I'll have more tracks out next year, and I'm ultimately hoping to one day
have a full on Tania Zygar artist album with different DJ's remixing my
stuff. That'd be amazing! I'm working on putting a team together behind my
music right now, so you'll just have to wait and see where the branding
goes! Thank you for offering me this interview; I want to come to South


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