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Roger Shah Interview

Having released some of modern dance music’s most recognised tracks under various guises including Sunlounger, Purple Mood, Savannah, Black Pearl, High Noon at Salinas, Magic Island, Global Experience and off course DJ Shah... There is no doubt that you’ve gained an enormous fan base all around the world… 
But we’d like to know a little bit more about the man behind the music, 

tell us a bit about how music crossed paths wIth Roger-Pierre Shah?

I have always been interested into music, I learned to play keyboard when i was young, even played in a live cover band as keyboarder before i started to work on my own tracks.


You’re “Sunlounger” pseudonym is possibly you’re best known work, pioneering the Balearic island sound, fans all over the world have come to love, tell us a bit about the origin of this project, and what makes it stand out as much?

I think sunlounger is my best know alias besides I just tour as Roger Shah, especially th elast 2 years I focused more on releases under my real name. I think that people love sunounger because it's a unique sound, very chill, deep and atmospheric with chillout versions and cool club mixes on one album and we kept the format for all albums.

It’s a well known fact that Armin Van Buuren in particular is one of a host of big name DJ’s who really supports your music on a major playing field. Who would you list as you’re 5 favourite DJ’s/producers/artists/acts or bands?

Oh this is so hard to name since there are so many great artist, producers and bands out there. if i have to name 5 in no particuar order and genre i'd say Hans Zimmer, Tiesto, Florence and the machine, Kings of Leon and Moya Brennan

Q4.You’ve collaborated and remixed for some of the most recognised artists in the industry, including the likes of Judge Jules, Nadia Ali, Kosheen, York, Armin Van Buuren, Moya Brennan and Signum, is there anyone in particular that you would love to work with in future?

I would love to work with Florence and the machine or Kings of Leon but I think this is just a dream and will not come true,but who knows, never say never. but i also have some nice collaborations with other djs coming up for the future.

 A lot of people might not know, that your brother is fellow DJ/Producer Pedro Del Mar, would you say there is ever any sibling rivalry with regards to who does better in the industry, or is it more about supporting each other to get to the top?

We are always supporting each other and pedro is also a part of my team around me, doing management work and my music publishing while we both focus to produce our own music.


You’ve got a very specific sound, for example the sliding guitars that so much of you’re well known productions feature, what is your production process? As in… what inspires you, how do you start your songs, and what hardware or software do you prefer?
his has been my sound for the past years, but since my openminded album, as the name is saying i produce a wider range of music in different directions and don't want to stick to one genre. the guitar and balearic sound is now exclusive for sunlounger while roger shah is more pumping. Different things can inspire me, from a nice show to nature, meeting people etc. usually i start my songs with the main melody and then go from there. I don't use any hardware anymore besides my mackie analog mixer through which i route the final mix and outboard mastering. As a sequencer I use logic and almost all available plugins as the whole native-instruments complete, to sylenth,nexus, omnisphere etc..

Q7. What’s playing on your ipod/mp3 player/car radio right now?
Very different things from florence and the machine, tiesto podcast, movie scores, since i work on a lot of classical music for hollywood right now.

What is there to know about Roger Shah, that we don’t already know? Any hidden talents or hobbies?

Musically I work on a lot of different projects besides edm, i do classical music scoring, too. i'm working on my own clothing line with a fashion designer from new york to be launched next year. when it comes to hobbies i play tennis and go bicycle whenever i find some time.

Your label “Magic Island recordings” features some of EDM’s freshest up & coming artists, how do you go about choosing what’s right for your label?

For me it's all about the music, if people send me some tracks and i love them and armada likes it, too, then they have a chance to get signed, but for th emoment we also focus more on my productions on the label rather than signing too many new tracks.

What can your fans in South African expect from your up coming tour in October?

Since it's my debut in SA, i think that i will give the people a little bit of everything, playing some of my biggest hits and classics but also my new openminded sound, so people can expect a nice journey through edm and the roger shah world.

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