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Super8 & Tab Interview

We catch up with the always impressive kings of Scandinavian EDM, Following the release of their incredibly brilliant "Black is Back" single.

Q: When it comes to high quality, innovative EDM, very few artists grab my attention as much as “Super8 & Tab”, but there used to be a time, where you both were solo artists… tell us more about how you guys met, where the names come from and how it happened that dance music crossed your individual paths?

Janne (Tab) -- We have both been into club music since the early 90's and we went to same clubs but really became friends when I moved to same studio over 10 years ago where Miika was working. We both had the same passion for music, so we decided to try to work together and we haven't look back ever since!

The story behind our name is that Miika (Super8) was watching documentary about the Super8 film type when an Anjunabeats label manager called him to say that they need a name for his remix. Miika thought Super8 was a funny name for it but he didn't realise that when Paul van Dyk played it for 2 years a row that there was no turning back to any other name!

I was first Djing with the alias Tapi but one of my promoter friends changed it Tab on the event flyer without asking--maybe he thought Tapi wasn’t cool enough or something? On next event Tab was listed again, so that’s way that got started.

Q: I remember quite a while back, about a year before the release of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster “Super8”, a friend had a look through some music on my PC and discovered a folder on my laptop called “Super8 & Tab”, which he confused with the film “Super8”and got very excited and started listening to the music as a result, do you think that you guys got any accidental exposure due to the release of the film?

Janne (Tab) -- Yeah for sure! To be honest, it took awhile before we convinced Steven to do that film and if you haven't noticed we have Super8 motels chain in the US, Tab coke drinks, a Tab gambling company in Australia. You know, it’s all part of our product placement strategy! Hahaha ;)

Q: You’ve been an essential member of the Anjuna family from the earliest days, how did the meeting with Anjuna first come about?

Janne (Tab) -- Well, it was those things that was just meant to happen! Miika was working in the studio when Paavo and Jono just accidentally walked into our HelsinkiVibe studio basement. They were looking at some studios and producers in the Helsinki area but didn't know what to expect. Paavo and Jono played some stuff they had been working on and it got our attention. It wasn't long before there were releases coming out from Anjunabeats. So we were extremely lucky in how we met!

Q: Every scene, be it rock, pop, jazz, classical or dance has two sides… a more underground slightly “niche” market, as well as a full blown commercial side, now depending on who you ask these are both essential towards any form of music… but where do you draw the line, at which point would you say, does making money from your art form become “selling your soul”? so to speak…

Miika (Super8) -- Yeah, this is a tricky one. People usually feel that the more popular you get, the more commercial you are no matter if you haven't changed your music or style. The Prodigy has a really underground sound but they are really good at what they do and they are also are very popular. Are they also commercial because their sound is heard on the radio or played at shopping malls, etc.? We don't mind what people say about us, we just like to do our own thing, call it commercial or not.

Q: You’ve remixed some of EDM’s biggest names, lending your very unique sound to some of dance music’s biggest hits including tracks by Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond and Gareth Emery… who would you love to do a remix for in future?

Miika (Super8) -- Something outside from dance music would be nice, something that people would not expect from us. That said, I cannot give you any names and spoil it here! :)

Q: I absolutely love the work you guys do, and in particular love the collaborations with Jan Burton on your “Empire” Album, any chances of a follow up album any time soon, or at least a few singles with Jan?

Janne (Tab) -- Actually, on our next single 'Black is Back' (out 7th of May) we worked with Jan Burton again. We have some tracks with him that will go on next album too but we don't know when that will be out, to be honest. We are working on it but at the moment we just want to release singles and keep the album coming along.

Q: There is no doubt, the Scandinavian EDM scene is bigger than it’s ever been, giving EDM some of it’s greatest producers,dj’s,artists and acts… including Daniel Kandi, Bjorn Akesson, Orjan Nilsen, Above & Beyond’s Paavo Silijamaki, Swedish House Mafia and yourselves of course, what do you think caused this major interest towards dance music?

Miika (Super8) -- Finland has a very active and healthy club scene and people really know their stuff! We also have great community at our HelsinkiVibe studios. We help each other when we stuck at some point. It helps a lot to have fresh ears in next studio room. This helps push our tracks a little bit further.

Q: What inspires you most as producers?

Miika (Super8) -- We are lucky to have opportunity to travel all around the world and meet wonderful people. It’s truly amazing how it opens your mind!

Q: South Africans, myself included missed out on a once in a lifetime chance to catch you guys live at Armin’s epic ASOT 500 about a year ago, any chances we’ll be able to see you guys in SA any time soon?

Janne (Tab) -- There are no words to describe how disappointed we were when we realized we were not going to make it to the ASOT500 event. There are flight cancellations every now and then but not for an event like this! So we’d totally love to come to SA and let’s hope it will happen very soon as we have only heard good things about the scene over there!

Q: What’s playing on your IPOD/MP3 Player/ Car radio at the moment?

Janne (Tab) -- A lot of our demos! The car is excellent place to listen music while you are driving. Maybe you should concentrate more on traffic but it’s just great place to judge all the stuff you’ve been working on. Besides our own stuff, we listen to all kinds of music, no matter what it is.

Q: What is there to know about Super8 & Tab that we don’t know yet, any hidden talents or hobbies?
Miika (Super8) -- I like to do yoga and Janne owns a sports center but you probably already knew that by looking at our slim and fit bodies. Hahaha!

Q: What can we expect from Super8 & Tab in the near and distant future?
Janne (Tab) -- On 7th of May, ‘Black is Back’ feat Jan Burton will be out on Anjunabeats and our remix of Tritonal’s ‘Piercing Quiet’ is due in May too. Then during the summer, there will a lot of Super8 & Tab releases coming out! Of course, we are touring around the globe a lot, hope to be in South Africa too! :)



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